Escape games are unique and interactive live-action adventure experiences in which players like you and your friends, family or coworkers, become active participants in our immersive stories, and must work as a team to solve a multitude of intriguing problems and discover the final clue to “escape” before time runs out!

Escape Ashland was created by a local Ashland family who discovered their first escape game while on vacation and became hooked on this unique and bonding activity. Our games are designed for Ashland residents and visitors alike with the help of local artisans, electrical engineers and contractors, and we have become the go-to activity for visiting families, school groups and those seeking a memorable way to celebrate a special occasions.

Our games, “The Audition” and “The Ramblin Rogue Saloon,” are light-hearted, accessible to all and success focused. Our exceptional game hosts ensure that each group leaves feeling challenged and connected in an unforgettable way. Our third experience, “The Scottish Play,” will be opening summer 2019.