Frequently Asked Questions

What is an escape room?
It is a live-action problem solving game in which participants use teamwork and elements of the room to find clues and solve a series of puzzles to escape within a set time limit.

Where are you located?
The Audition is located at 147 No. Pioneer which is two blocks from Oregon Shakespeare Festival between Northwest Nature Store and Ruby’s Neighborhood Restaurant. Parking is available on site as well as across the street at the public parking lot located at Pioneer and Lithia Way. Bike racks are also on site. 

Escape Ashland’s Ramblin’ Rogue Saloon is located at 40 E. Main, inside the Claycomb Plaza Mall on the downtown Plaza. Parking is also available behind the Water Street Cafe. 

Is it scary?
No. “The Audition” is set in the backstage “green room” and “The Ramblin Rogue” is set in an 1880’s Western saloon. Nothing scary about that. There may be a few surprises but neither game is a fear-based experience.

How many can play?
“The Audition” and the Ramblin’ Rogue Saloon” can accommodate groups of 2 to 8 players. If you have a larger group, please contact us at (541) 613-6488 for special arrangements. We recommend a team challenge which allows two groups to play back-to-back to vie for the best time.

Will I be grouped with other players?
No. Once you book the room, it is a private booking. You are welcome to book the minimum and bring additional players up to the maximum limit. If you are a duo looking to play the Ramblin Rogue, please call us at 541.613.6488 to be paired with another team of two.

What if none of the games listed works for my schedule?
Call us at 541.613.6488 to see if we can arrange a game time that works for you and your group. With a bit of advance notice, we can usually make it happen.

What are the age limits?
All ages are welcome, but groups with players age 10 or younger require accompaniment by one adult.

I get claustrophobic. Am I really locked in a room?
No worries. You have access to an exit (and a restroom at The Audition) at all times.

How long does it take to play?
Please allow for 75 to 80 minutes: 5 minutes for introduction, 60 minutes of game play, and 10 minutes for photos and debriefing. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, we may not be able to accommodate your group. Also, please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early as the prior group will still be debriefing.

What if I don’t succeed?
We recognize that finding your way out of the room is the most exhilarating step in an escape room. Our game masters are available to offer clues or reassurance that your team is on the right path.

How can I get my group’s name on the record board?
Groups that complete the room without clues are eligible to be listed on our hall of fame board.

Do I need to have special knowledge to succeed?
Everything you need to escape will be in the room and no prior knowledge or experience is necessary. Teamwork and observation skills are essential. Remember, there is no “I” in escape!

Is it a challenging game physically?
There are no physical challenges and the game can be played from a wheelchair. Use of force or taking apart furniture is a definite no-no and will not help you solve the room.

How much does it cost?

The Audition – Groups of 2: $40 adults, $35 students; groups of 3-5 $30 adults, $25 students; groups of 6-8 $28 adults, $23 students. We offer military discount the same as student discount.

The Ramblin’ Rogue – Groups of 2: $40 adults, $35 students; groups of 3-5: $30 adults; $28 students; groups of 6-8 $28 adults, $25 students. Military discount the same as student.

Children 5 and under are free.

Large groups of 10 or more, call for special rates.

How to book?
Use our on-line booking system or call (541) 613-6488 to schedule. Walk-ins are also welcome to stop by for availability. Games are scheduled approximately every 2 hours from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. weekends, and 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. weekdays.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
There is a link in your email confirmation to allow you to change or cancel your reservation. If you cancel up to 48 hours in advance, we will offer a full refund. If you cancel same day and less than 48 hours and do not reschedule, we will charge 50%. If we can re-book your space, you will receive 100% refund.