“The Audition” is our original escape room at Escape Ashland.  You have arrived for an audition for Henry V, but a covetous actor has caused a disturbance. He has locked you and your group behind stage in the green room, calculating that you are no match for his scheme to keep you unraveling his twisted clues while he earns the part for himself. Can you solve the puzzles and locate the final clue before the opportunity of a lifetime is lost?


“The Ramblin’ Rogue” has opened its swinging doors! You and your rowdy posse arrived in town just in time to be falsely accused of robbing the Wells Fargo stagecoach as it passed through the State of Jefferson. You have just one hour to discover the identity of the bandit to clear your name before the U.S. Marshall arrives to escort you to the highest tree.

Complimentary cold drinks are served during game play; complimentary beer and wine is offered for adult groups upon request for evening bookings. Call 541-613-6488.