Celebrate that special birthday with a group of friends or family. Children and adults find an escape game a memorable and unique way to celebrate that special someone. Book a game with 7 to 8 players and the birthday player is free! Continue your celebration after the game with space for cake and drinks for a small additional fee. Call 541-613-6488 for details.

Private Parties
Bachelor and bachelorette parties, anniversaries, date nights and family reunions–do something unique and memorable that creates a lasting bond. Or does your group crave a little more competition? Schedule back-to-back games to match problem solving and communication skills. Winners or losers, your entire group will celebrate (and perhaps enjoy some good-natured gloating) in the end.

Complimentary beverages are served in the Ramblin Rogue Saloon, including beer and wine for adult evening bookings.

Team Building Events
Come as a group and leave as a team! Having to cooperate and communicate in a new, unfamiliar environment and working together under the pressure of a strict deadline can create bonding and cohesiveness–and is a great way to blow off steam. Or schedule a game just to show your team how much you appreciate them! 

Call us at (541) 613-6488 or email at to schedule and plan your special event.