Explore Ashland

An outdoor puzzling adventure in downtown Ashland
This hunt plays on ClueKeeper

“Explore Ashland,” is a walk-around puzzle hunt that uses ClueKeeper smartphone app to iconic locations in downtown Ashland. Beginning at the Plaza and ending near the Oregon Cabaret Theater, this treasure hunt to Ashland’s treasures, takes about 60 minutes to complete.

The experience is entirely outdoors and is best played before dusk. The average time to solve is 50 to 60 minutes, although groups are welcome to take their time solving the clues.

Click here to book for 2 people or here to book for 3 or 4!

This hunt takes place entirely outdoors; please wear comfortable walking shoes, weather appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and any other items you need to be comfortable.

Explore Ashland can be booked as teams of 2 ($12.99 per team) or teams of 3-4 ($18.99 per team). Each team must have at least one Android or iOS mobile device with the ClueKeeper app downloaded and data access to download the hunt. Each team member can view the hunt on their device if they have ClueKeeper installed, which allows each member to see the clues and reveals but is not necessary.